5 Day Yoga Jungle Retreat

Highlights & what is included

  • 4 nights cozy accommodation

  • Daily morning and afternoon yoga class in a gorgeous space (total of 8 classes)

  • Yoga props and accessories

  • Guided nature walk in the protected forest of Tambo Ilusión

  • Complimentary 30 minute Reiki session

  • Delicious and nourishing whole-food plant-based breakfasts, lunches and suppers

  • Cleansing warm lime water brought to your room every morning

  • Mind-body nutrition coaching

  • Access to a beautiful secluded freshwater lagoon where you can swim, birdwatch, meditate and relax on the dock

  • Free time to rest, read, color, observe the wildlife, journal, meditate, for cloud watching, etc.

  • A “baño de plantas”, an aromatic herbal bath to help cleanse the aura

  • Raw cooking workshop

  • Transfers to and from the local airport by mototaxi (a 15 minute ride)

Skill level: beginner & intermediate

This wonderful retreat includes 8 yoga classes held in a stunning yoga space which looks out on the surrounding natural beauty. The soundscape (the natural chorus of wind, birds, monkeys and insects) will transport you to a place of natural serenity deep within yourself during your practice; especially in Savasana, the final resting pose. Yoga props and accessories are provided. There will be a variety of styles practiced during the retreat: Hatha, gentle, restorative, yoga Nidra, and some yoga flow.

Hatha yoga classes will be held twice daily with the morning session being an uplifting, energizing class and the afternoon session designed to calm and restore mind, body and spirit. Meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) will also be practiced daily during class.

If you have little or no yoga experience, the classes will be adapted and modified accordingly. Those who are not flexible are ideal candidates to begin a yoga practice. There is no competition involved in yoga, least of all with yourself. Everyone works from their own body awareness giving the best of themselves.

Every day is different at Tambo Ilusión although every morning starts with mindfully sipping a cleansing and alkalinizing cup of warm lemon water on your porch watching nature wake up around you followed by a morning yoga session and healthy breakfast. Afterwards, enjoy a swim in the beautiful private lagoon, walk along the 1.4 km trail of the protected forest to explore and hug a tree, observe birds and monkeys in their natural habitat. Cleanse your aura by taking a “baño de plantas”, enjoy a Reiki session (Reiki is a wonderful way to relax, heal and sooth emotions, stress and anxiety. This non invasive therapy will nurture and nourish you deep within and give you the time to relax, be still and receive), color or journal by the lagoon or in your hammock, etc. You will also have the opportunity to take a stroll with Johanne and escort Ayla, our equine friend. We will stop at a viewpoint on the way to admire the stunning sunset (weather permitting) and Ayla grazing benefitting from both equine and sunset therapy; both known to be soothing for the soul!

Essentially, the experience during this retreat is yours to create and is sure to be unforgettable!

You will have free time each day to dedicate to no one but yourself in this lush tropical jungle because you deserve it!

You will be encouraged to keep a journal for the week. Suggestions and writing exercises will be provided to get you started.

Detailed schedule

Day 1

15:00  Welcome drink and orientation

15:30  Pranayama and gentle yoga practice

17:30  Equine-imity sunset stroll

19:00 Supper, followed by free time for star gazing and sleep.  Sleep is a priority here.

Day 2

07:30  Cleansing lime water

08:00  Guided meditation and yoga practice

10:00  Meditative stroll to give yourself time in silence to  observe the effects of the practice

10:15  Breakfast

11:00  Individual Reiki session, followed by leisure time

14:00  Lunch

15:00  Swim in the lagoon and free time

17:00  Pranayama and gentle yoga practice

18:30  Free time

19:00  Supper followed by free time to practice Trataka, 

candle gazing meditation

Day 3

07:30  Cleansing lime water

08:00  Meditation and yoga practice

10:00  Meditative stroll

10:15  Breakfast

11:00  Free time

13:00  Lunch

15:00 Herbal bath (a ritual of bathing with herbal water to    cleanse the aura), individual Reiki sessions, free time

17:00  Pranayama and yoga nidra practice

19:00  Supper followed by free time to do as your heart            desires

Day 4

07:30  Cleansing lime water

08:00  Meditation and yoga practice

10:00  Meditative stroll

10:15  Breakfast

11:00 Guided nature walk along the forest trail of Tambo        Ilusión

11:00  Free time

13:00  Lunch

17:00  Pranayama and restorative yoga session

19:30  Supper, followed by free time for inner reflection

Day 5

07:30  Cleansing lime water

08:00  Meditation and yoga practice

10:00  Meditative stroll

10:15  Raw cooking class, farewell breakfast; carry what you have              learnt from this vacation into the world

12:00  End of program

This is to serve as a general outline; activities and times may shift.

Join us for this unforgettable experience in the rainforest.  

Yoga retreat - Tambo Ilusion - Love of Nourishment
Yoga shala - Tambo Ilusion - Amazon
Yoga Retreat - plant bath - Tambo Ilusion
Self-care practices - Tambo Ilusion - Love of Nourishment
Tambo Ilusion - Laguna - Yoga retreat
Love of Nourishment - Love of yoga with sunset
Delicious vegan meal shared at Tambo Ilusion

Single traveller  

Couple or friend travellers

1240 USD - single room

1960 USD - (980 USD person)

sharing a room 


Rates for 2022

Single traveller                          1290 USD

Couple or friend travellers     2010  USD

Ideally, retreats start on Mondays.

Retreats are guaranteed to take place even if only one person signs up. 

Minimum participants: 1     Max group size: 6

Skill level: beginners and intermediate

Check in: 3:00 pm

Check out: 12 noon